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How to start a business with low capital involved?

How can we generate low budget biz to high profit margin?

How can we promote our online biz effectively using Social Media Network medium such as Facebook, Instagram, Blog, WordPress and others?

How do we work in team and create demand of products?

How can we manage our time to do online business without jeopardizing our current job?

How to create 2 millions sales in less than 2 years in team work?

These questions have solid answers, proven records and real story testimonies.


WA/SMS: 0162090945


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A birth story & double awards!

Assalamualaikum WBT,

The plan was a scheduled C-sect on 29/8/2013. However, the bun inside the oven chose the right time to fully baked. On the night of 23/8, my husband and I was planning to bring Omera for a movie. While I was waiting for my Isha’ prayer, I felt a warm gush, quickly ran to the toilet and yes, there was a show of little blood and clear thick discharge. I called the Labour Ward at Pantai Hospital, where I suppose to deliver. They asked me to monitor the show and the contraction.
Ok, there were still no pain, and I could still walk, plus I didn’t want to disappoint my lil’ Omera because she wanted to watch The Smurf so bad :) . So, we continued our plan to go to KLCC and enjoy the movie! I started to feel the contraction whilst in the car. Told myself that I still can hold on. We’ve already secured our seats and enjoying the show. The contraction kept signaling, about 45-30 mins apart. Finished movie, we made a quick pitstop at Dome Cafe to get our fav Chai Latte and went straight home.

24/8/2013 – At about 4:15am, the contraction became stronger and closer, 10-15 mins apart. We packed our stuff, left Omera with Yannie and off we went to the hospital. By 6:00am, the staff nurse checked my opening and it was only 1cm, the contraction became stronger and we waited Prof Hamid’s instruction. At 8:00am, Prof instructed for an Emergency C-sect. I had my epidural shot and by 9:00am, I was already in the OT. The rest were history :)

20130901-071407.jpg 20130901-070409.jpg 20130901-070432.jpg 20130901-064511.jpg 20130901-070448.jpg 20130901-070521.jpgOn the other hand, my ACTUAL plan months ago, that this very day – 24/8/2013 is the day I shall received my achievement award in my GLAM biz, together with my dearest biz partners; Yannie & Iema. I have prepared the dress, shoes, handbag, shawl, tickets and of course MY MIND to be on stage, receiving the award.

Subhanallah, Allah is The Most Gracious and The Most Knowing of All. He had better plans for me. I actually received 2 AWARDS in a day!


I couldn’t be more happier and blessed!

20130901-070630.jpg 20130901-070618.jpg 20130901-070538.jpg 20130901-070555.jpgLooking at my biz partners who received their achievement awards made me realize that these are the people that believed this journey will take them somewhere. Trust has been sealed, responsibility is an endless commitment. I pray and I hope we stay together, sailing the boat towards our dreams.

Wants to know what biz am into? The GLAM biz that will bring you to your dreams of freedom in life, time and money…

Drop an email at or WA 0162090945

Love always,


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Last few months, kita digegarkan dengan fenomena sabun hijau @ sabun ketiak. Sabun yang mampu merawat kegatalan kulit, mencerahkan kehitaman dicelah-celah pelipat badan, menyembuhkan rengsa kulit dan banyak lagi. Baru je released, sekelip mata habis kat setiap stokis di seluruh Malaysia.

Kenapa ye?

Sebab tahap keberkesanannya yang tinggi dan bahan-bahan semulajadi yang digunakan, nyata selamat untuk kegunaan semua lapisan umur. Disebabkan permintaan amat tinggi, syarikat telah mevariasikan pengeluaran produk dengan mengeluarkan sabun ini dalam bentuk cecair. Ia terbahagi kepada:

- NOURISHING BODY WASH (Cecair mandian)




Package includes: 250ml Nourishing Body Wash, 250ml Nourishing Shampoo, 100g Bamboo Salt Toothpaste, Natural Body Sponge, Hair-Drying Wrap and a beautiful bag. (C)

Apa manfaat semulajadi yang ada dalam produk Marine Essence™ ni? Jom kaji!


Pertama kali dihasilkan dengan ramuan botani Xylitol dan Pheno-SFE™ (bahan utama dalam setiap produk ME)

Terdapat 4 ramuan eksklusif di dalam ubat gigi ini:

1. Garam Buluh

  • Sumber kaya dengan mineral penting untuk menyihatkan gigi dan gusi.
  • Membantu menyembuhkan luka kecil gusi, gusi berdarah dan ulser mulut.

2. Xylitol

  • Menguatkan enamel gigi dan mencegah kerosakan gigi.
  • membantu memperbaiki kerosakan gigi.

3. Pheno-SFE™

  • Menghapuskan radikal bebas yang berbahaya daripada merosakkan sel-sel gigi dan gusi (Anti-Penuaan)
  • Membantu membaiki dan memperbaharui sel-sel.

4. Glycerin

  • Pelembap semula jadi yang terhebat!

Ciri-ciri & Kebaikan yang ada pada ubat gigi ini:

1. Gabungan ramuan di atas dapat menangani masalah kesihatan gigi:

  • mencegah kaviti gigi
  • mencegah masalah gusi
  • mencegah pertumbuhan plak
  • menguatkan enamel gigi yang lemah
  • menanggalkan kotoran
  • mencegah nafas berbau

2. Tanpa gula

  • Mencegah kerosakan gigi

3. Tanpa fluorida

  • Selamat untuk kanak-kanak dan dewasa

4. Anti-Bakteria

  • membunuh bakteria untuk mencegah kerosakan gigi

5. Anti-Oksidan yang hebat

  • membantu menghapskan radikal bebas yang berbahaya daripada merosakkan sel-sel gigi dan gusi.

6. Antiseptik semulajadi

  • Menyembuhkan luka kecil gusi, ulser mulut dan gusi berdarah.

7. Daun pudina

  • Menyegarkan nafas



A5Leaflet_MarineEss-Out_A A5Leaflet_MarineEss-Out_page2

A5Leaflet_MarineEss-Out_c A5Leaflet_MarineEss-Out_BB

Body wash & shampoo dari produk Marine Essence™ ini juga adalah:

  • Soap free
  • Paraben free
  • SLES free
  • Anti bacterial
  • Anti oxidant

Apa itu ‘Soap free’?

…many things act as cleansers. Hydrogen Peroxide, Alcohol, pumice (micro lava rock), even lemon juice (citrus acid) can be a cleanser. It will not dry out your skin as some soaps can do.

Apa itu Paraben free?

  • Parabens have been used to prevent mold growth in personal care products for decades. Methyl paraben was first discovered on fruits such as blueberries. A recent study in England discovered parabens in breast cancer tissue. There is also concern that parabens may be an endocrine active chemical.For further information Wikipedia has a good, unbiased discussion here.
  • These concerns have led careful consumers to seek out paraben free products.
  • Another concern is that the estrogen-mimic aspect of parabens may be a factor in the increasing prevalence of early puberty in girls.

More readings on Paraben, click here.


Apa itu ‘SLES free’?

  • Many sulfates, including SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate), SLES (sodium laureth sulfate) and ALS (ammonium laureth sulfate) are powerful and inexpensive surfactants (sudsing agents), which makes them a popular and cost-effective ingredient choice for shampoos, especially cheaper brands.
  • However, sulfates like SLS are known irritants of skin and hair cells, and may have harmful effects on the environment in addition to people’s health and well being. They can be absorbed by the liver and can mimic the effect of the hormone estrogen in the body. Additionally, sulfates can contain 1.4-dioxane, which is considered a probable carcinogen by the EPA. Due to increased demand from concerned consumers and beauty professionals, manufacturers are now offering more environmentally friendly, sulfate free shampoos.
  • If you are concerned about the harmful effects of sulfates like SLS on your skin and hair, identifying the surfactant in your shampoo is simple – just read the label. Most drugstore shampoos contain SLS, SLES or ALS (or a combination thereof), and they will usually be the second ingredient on the label (after water). Make sure to read the entire label, though, to make sure there is not a smaller amount of sulfate listed farther down the ingredient list.

Okayyy, panjang lebar dah saya explain tentang produk ME ni, hopefully ia membantu anda dalam memililh produk alami (natural) yang mesra alam untuk kebaikan diri dan keluarga.

Buat masa ni, saya ada offer RM100/set, sehingga stok habis. Senarai barang seperti gambar di atas,Nak tahu lebih lanjut, boleh hubungi saya @ 016-2090945.


Liyana Noor Azmi



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Greatest offer in town, GOLD COAST here we come!! – Part 2

Last 2 weeks, we had on offer of RM4700 for the first bonus when you start up a biz and stand a chance to join an Australia FOC trip. Starting July 2013, we have extended the offer until October 2013 and more bonus and rebates are up for grabs!

This opportunity doesn’t come every seconds. Those who sees the potential and take up the challenge to work for it, will definitely achieve it. Are you happy at with your daily routine? What about your financial status? Does it stretching you out or you just go with the flow without even thinking to spread and multiply it? Yeah, so-called comfort zone – where in reality is it not even comfort, it is like a see-saw. So, what’s the catch?

It’s true that money is not the most important thing in life, but money does affect everything that is important in life – Robert T. Kiyosaki


Let’s put on your biz minded thinking cap and review this life-changing proposal. Hey, it might turn your life 360 degrees – in a good way of course!

Here we go…

To start with this biz, the capital is as low as RM50.00 (definitely you can afford it!).

Choose any products that we have on board to start, with minimal stock keep. Depending on your capital/budget.

and…. SELL it!

You will get bonus and point value will accumulated as you keep on BUY & SELL.


For BIGGER bonus, obviously you need to start with BIGGER capital. Logic.

With current package is open now, you might stand a chance to win A FREE trip to GOLD COAST, AUSTRALIA!! With a bonus in hand from RM4500-RM7000. God Bless!

2013-07-01 07.09.55 2013-07-01 13.20.14 2013-07-01 20.55.55

This is the reward for our hard work, determination and effort towards ourselves and our business partners. Satisfaction is beyond compared!

Interested to know more about this exciting business?

Whatsapp /PM – 0162090945





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Siapa ada masalah kulit dan bau badan?

Kulit berjerawat
Kulit berminyak
Kulit kering
Tona kulit tak sekata
Kulit kehitaman di bahagian pelipat badan (ketiak, kelengkang)

Dan yang paling membimbangkan diri sendiri dan masyarakat sekeliling ialah….

Bau ketiak!
Bau badan!
Bau kaki!

This is a D I S A S T E R!

Boleh buat orang termuntah dan suffocate akibat tahan nafas :\

Dengan kehadiran sabun ini, Insya Allah masalah anda akan berkurangan dan mungkin akan selesai ;)

Dan orang sekeliling pun happy :)

Apa isi kandungan dan kebaikan Marine Essence Beauty Bar ini? Ok, let’s do some ingredients checklist:

Untuk menarik kelembapan daripada udara ke dalam kulit. Ia merupakan pelembap kulit yang terbaik.

Garam Buluh
Sumber yang kaya dengan mineral dan antioksidan untuk kulit.
Anti bakteria, anti alergi, anti keradangan.

Ekstrak Liquorice
Mengurangkan perubahan warna kulit dan bintik-bintik hitam. Ia juga membantu mencerahkan pigmentasi kulit.

Vitamin E
Antioksidan, anti-penuaan. Menyembuhkan kulit yang bermasalah dan rosak dengan berkesan.

Minyak Tea Tree
Anti-bakteria, anti-kulat.
Bau yang wangi dan menyegarkan.

Pheno-SFE (Ekstrak Teh Pu-erh)
Anti-penuaan. Memperbaiki dan memperbaharui sel-sel kulit dengan menjaganya agar tetap sihat dan muda untuk masa yang lebih lama.

Aloe Vera
Kebolehan untuk menyembuhkan dan merangsang pembaharuan sel-sel kulit yang bermasalah.

Testimonial Pengguna

IMG_1462IMG_5363 IMG_5425 IMG_5441 Kebanyakan pengguna saya kini, sudah pun menjadi agen/pengedar produk ini kerana mereka yakin akan berkesanan produk. Untung runcit pun memuaskan! :) Anda bila lagi?

Harga runcit:

Sekotak ada 3 buku = RM105.00

Harga pengenalan:

Sebuku = RM35 termasuk pos – Sah sehingga 15 April 2013

Sangat berbaloi dgn harga yang berpatutan dan produk yang berkualiti!

Jom, kempen musnahkan bakteria yang membuatkan badan berbau dan jaga kesihatan kulit!

Hubungi saya di 0162090945 untuk keterangan lanjut.

Salam sayang,

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